PEAPACK AND GLADSTONE NJ - A shared service agreement with Bedminster will lead to a ten percent reduction in the residential fixed sewer use fee in the twin borough, if the borough council approves an ordinance on Tuesday's agenda.  

According to the agreement, Peapack-Gladstone's Department of Public Works will manage the sewer transmission system and Bedminster's sewer collection system, with the exception of the Hills Development.  The new arrangement will result in a savings, which will be passed on to the ratepayers if the ordinance is passed.

According to Mayor Bill Muller, much of the credit goes to Rodney McCatharn, Scott Hanna and Tom Skillman of the Department of Public Works.  "These three gentlemen have been the point persons working our new shared service agreement with Bedminster Township," said Muller. 

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"We will see a $55.00 reduction in the fixed portion of our sewer bills for 2017," continued Muller.  The ordinance calls for a reduction in the fixed portion of the sewer bills for residential users from the current level of $530.00 to $475.00.  Muller cautioned residents to "remember that your sewer bill also has a water-usage component, so your total bill could rise or fall as a result of water use."

The borough council will vote on whether to introduce the ordinance on Tuesday.  If the council introduces the ordinance, a hearing will be held on March 14.