Mt. Olive, NJ- Ten students were invited to display their art alongside 13 other high schools at Mount Olive High Schools 31st Annual Invitational Art Show of the National Art Honor Society. The judges for the night were comprised of the 6 various art schools that not only judged but also gave out over $300,000 in scholarships total.   Ridge Art teachers Wendell Jeffrey and Carla Falb were very impressed with the turn out and the reception the students received.                                                   


   Isabel Pardo (12th Grade)     

     "Purification" (Acrylic) 

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 Liying Wang (11th Grade)    

                                          "The Guardian" (Watercolor)                                       




 Caitlyn Chwatek (12th Grade)                                

 "Homework" (Graphite)

Matias Bigatti (12th Grade) 

"Monsoon" (Acrylic)



 Jennifer Huang (11th Grade)

  "Shackled" (Colored Pencil)







    Leslie Hwang (11th Grade) 

"Understory" (Acrylic) 





 Kina Qiu (12th Grade)

"Meat" (Mixed Media)                          


Erika Woo (12th Grade) 

"Infection" (Mixed medium)