SOMERSET HILLS NJ - Lawmakers left Trenton after a day of posturing, press releases and speechifying without passing a 2018 state budget.  Somerset Hills residents probably will not feel the effect of the shutdown today.  Local police will continue to protect the public.  Natirar Park will continue to be open.  New Jersey Transit will continue to provide commuters with the service to which they have become accustomed.

The work week could be quite different for those Somerset Hills residents who work for the state government or the court system.

The Motor Vehicle Commission is not listed as an essential service.  Anyone who works for the Motor Vehicle Commission will be furloughed during the shutdown.   Any motorist who needs to renew their drivers license or registration, or take a drivers test, or pass title to a vehicle, will be out of luck as long as the shutdown continues.

In past shutdowns, the New Jersey Superior Court has been closed.  Any litigant who has a scheduled court matter in the Superior Court should consult their attorney and check the court closings page on the official Superior Court website linked here. 

Municipal Courts will all be open.  The shutdown has no impact on them because they are funded and operated by municipalities.