Dear Fellow PG Residents;

As the most senior member of the Governing Body of Peapack and Gladstone, I can state with enthusiasm and confidence that the candidacies of Mark Corigliano and GP Caminiti for Borough Council should be validated with your vote.  Both gentlemen have selflessly devoted considerable time and effort for the collective benefit of their shared constituency, and the legacy that they have cultivated through past years of unrelenting service to this municipality on various committees and commissions is nothing less than laudable.

The level of commitment and time that the office of councilperson requires is often underestimated and unfortunately goes unappreciated. Notwithstanding that realization, both Mark and GP have persevered not only in responding to the communal issues that arise, but also in their unique ability to formulate a prescient vision and the appropriate means to intervene in both current matters and those that have yet to be manifested.

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The responsibilities that elected officials are entrusted with can be humbling and at times demanding, thus necessitating the virtues of seasoned collaboration, familiarity with governmental dictates and relied upon institutional knowledge to realize effective solutions.  The argument for change is warranted only with the establishment of need; absent that need, the preferred and pragmatic course is to remain steadfast and supportive.  

In short, Mark and GP not only deserve our vote and support, but also our gratitude for their noteworthy stewardship. 


Anthony T. Suriano, Council President

Borough of Peapack and Gladstone.