BASKING RIDGE, NJ- Abeer Abu Judah is an established attorney in her first year as a solo practitioner serving businesses in the medical field and individuals trying to navigate their way around our complex medical environment.

Abeer is committed to advocating on behalf of the elderly and disabled.

She is a member of the Morris County Bar Association and the New Jersey Bar Association; she serves in the Health Law and Elder and Disability Law Sections. She is a member of the Bernards Area Networking Group (BANG) and the Basking Ridge Business Alliance.
TAP into Basking Ridge visited Abeer to learn more about her practice

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TAP:   How did you get your start?

Abeer:  In college I was a biology major studying medicine, but after volunteering with the Emergency Squad in West Orange, I learned that that was not a career path for which I was best suited.  I then pursued other career paths, but after working five years in the research and development fields, I realized I enjoyed interacting with people and saw that law could be the perfect avenue to combine my background in biology, intellectual curiosity and my social nature.

TAP:   What do you enjoy the most?

Abeer:   I enjoy helping people get clarity with their health care issues.  When a person visits a lawyer specializing in healthcare it makes for a very personal and instant connection.  I want to be there to guide and support them in making the right decisions for themselves and their families.  As an example, by preparing a healthcare proxy, I assure that the individual’s wishes are respected.

            At the same time I am especially positioned to address the challenge of investigating avenues to help small healthcare organizations and physician practices.  Maintaining mere compliance is only the start; those avenues need to be profitable for providers as well or we risk the possibility of losing our position as one of the world’s premier healthcare powers.  At times the smallest savings on a coverage plan makes a significant difference by increasing a patient base. 

Lastly, I am able to satisfy my social nature by interacting with all these individuals; my clients become part of my work family.  I excel at the area of healthcare commonly referred to as “bedside manner”.

TAP:   Why healthcare law?

Abeer:    When my Mom passed away two years ago of bone cancer, I realized that many people are “under the radar” facing family health issues.  Everybody I know has at some point had a health or healthcare related question.  It is not an easy problem to bear alone but most people are not aware of the myriad assistance modalities that are available.  There are just too many people wasting time and other resources “reinventing the wheel”.  The complexity and multi-faceted provisions of the Affordable Care Act make it difficult to navigate, even for an attorney.  So, I am devoted to helping even if it’s in this limited healthcare counseling capacity.

TAP:  One sentence that you would like people to use in describing the way that you do business?

Abeer:   I am honest, persistent and able to think outside the box.

Abeer Abu Judeh, Esq.                                                        

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 437, Peapack, New Jersey 07977                                                                   For more information visit or call (973) 936-9444