TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblyman Erik Peterson (R-Hunterdon) issued the following statement in response to Gov. Phil Murphy’s announcement directing the BPU to investigate state utility companies’ response to the two recent nor’easters that left hundreds of thousands without power:

Erik Peterson

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“We appreciate the governor visiting Sussex county today to see for himself the extensive storm damage. Had he visited sooner, he would have had a better understanding of the seriousness of the problems we’ve been enduring in North Jersey.

“These prolonged outages have become the norm following severe storms. While very inconvenient, they also create a health crisis. When people don’t have electricity, they don’t have water or septic. It’s one thing to deal with the cold, but without water or septic houses become uninhabitable.

“We fully support his decision to direct BPU to investigate the storm response as JCP&L’s response to the storm has been a failure as thousands of people in our district are still without power from the first storm.”