This year, New Jersey Youth Actors, a theatre group made up of youth artists from all around the state of New Jersey, is performing "Into the Woods" on Sunday, August 25, 2019 at 5 p.m. at Nash Theater at RVCC. Visit for online tickets.

Nothing touches our imaginations more deeply than a story that begins with those four magic words, “Once Upon A Time.” Setting out to redream these childhood stories and to explore what happens after “Happily Ever After.” The result is the enchanting, “Into the Woods.” In a far-off kingdom there lived a maiden named Cinderella (Annika Helgeson), who wished to attend a king’s festival and encounters a charming prince (Jack Hicks), a lad named Jack (Nathan Schwed), forced to sell his beloved cow for food to eat, a young girl in a red cape, in search of her grandmother’s house (Rebecca Candeloro), and a Baker (Ryan Quish) and his Wife (Mia Montero), who learn that the only way to lift a Witch’s (Annabel DelGiorno) curse of a childless life, is by retrieving four mysterious objects: A cow as white as milk, a cape as red blood, hair as yellow as corn, and slippers and pure as gold. To achieve their wishes, these characters must journey into the woods, where they will make choices, learn more about themselves and the world they live in, and realize that “No One Is Alone.”

Directed by Max Rodriguez (Sophomore), musically directed by Matthew White (Graduated Senior), and with a crew organized by Stage Manager, Mady Weber (Sophomore), the production is comprised of an all youth cast, crew, and production team from Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Berkley Heights, and Hasbrouck Heights who are thrilled to be telling this beautiful story. 

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Tickets for “Into the Woods” are on sale already at the website under Tickets Online.

There is no charge for the show (other than the theater’s ticket processing fee). This is a show for the entire community to experience these stories in a whole new light, presented by performers who know these childhood stories by heart. 

Don’t miss this chance to journey “Into the Woods.”

The Cast: 

From Ridge High School - Annika Helgeson, Annabel DelGiorno, Nathan Schwed, Josie Dennis, Harry Hess, Morgan Beatty, Oscar Grob, Amelia Lothrop, Christine Haggard, Hannah Flatley, Katie Maratea, Jonah Kartush, Gavin Turner, Mohinder Singh, Morgan Connell. Max Rodriguez is the director.  Matthew White (just graduated from Ridge High) is music director.

From Bernards High School - Jack Hicks

From Governor Livingston High - Mia Montero, Rebecca Candeloro

From Hasbrouck Heights High - Ryan Quish

The Cast (In Order of Appearance): Harry Hess (Narrator), Annika Helgeson (Cinderella), Nathan Schwed (Jack), Ryan Quish (the Baker), Mia Montero (the Baker's wife), Amelia Lothrop (the Stepmother), Christine Haggard (Florinda), Hannah Flatley (Lucinda), Josie Dennis (Jack's mother), Rebecca Candeloro (Red Riding Hood), Annabel DelGiorno (the Witch), Gavin Turner (Cinderella's father), Katie Maratea (Cinderella's mother, Granny, Giantess), Jonah Kartush (the Mysterious Man), Jack Hicks (Cinderella's Prince, the Wolf), Morgan Beatty (Rapunzel), Oscar Grob (Rapunzel's Prince), Mohinder Singh (the Steward), Morgan Connell (Sleeping Beauty, Swing, Dance Captain)