BEDMINSTER, NJ -- The Township Committee soon is likely to introduce an amendment to an existing ordinance on door-to-door solicitation in the municipality.

Citing an overall increase in the number of applications for solicitation permits in Bedminster, the Township Committee has added a no-solicitation list.

"If someone comes in with a permit, they are given a list of addresses that the township and police will maintain," said Joe Sordillo, an attorney with McElroy-Deutsch in Morristown who has worked with the Bedminster Chief of Police Karl Rock. The list would cite those who had requested no solicitations.

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"This is for commercial solicitations," Sordillo said at the July 15 Township Committee meeting. If the committee decides the list should not apply to charitable or political solicitations, Sordillo said that those types of soliciters could be removed before the amendment is passed.

Sordillo told the Township Committee that there isn't any legal reason for charitable or political soliciters to be included on the list..

Committee members expressed concern with Girl Scouts, religious organizations and political candidates being subject to solicitation bans.

Bedminster Mayor Lawrence Jacobs suggested at the meeting that "we keep the public hearing for the oridinance on (Aug.) 19th, but that we push the introduction of the ordinance to the first meeting in August so that all the (Township Committee) members have an opportunity to run through this."

The next Bedminster Township Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, Aug.