BERNARDSVILLE, NJ -- The Borough Council passed an ordinance Monday night authorizing the installation of a speed hump on Wesley Avenue.

The council acted on the recommendation of Bernardsville Chief of Police Kevin Valentine and the Council Public Safety Committee that Wesley Avenue get a speed hump at the approximate midpoint of the road in a location that does not impact any of the driveways on the street.

The Borough Council also supplemented the Borough Code entitled "Traffic" to specify that streets may be approved for the installation of speed humps if they meet the following criteria: that the streets are completely self-contained with no direct connection to streets in any other municipality, the street's traffic volume is less that 3,000 vehicles per day, and that the street has a posted speed limit of 30 mph or less.

The borough must provide advance warning in the form of a sign giving notice of the presence of speed humps before the first in a series of speed humps, and the borough also must provide for a pavement marker to be placed at the location of the first hump.