NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ -  Shock Room Fitness recently opened New Jersey's "first of its' kind" Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) group fitness studio located inside of Providence Health and Fitness at 18 South Street in New Providence. For a limited time they are offering any new client a complimentary class to try their amazing new technology.

A Shock Room Fitness workout uses EMS Technology, also known as Electro Muscular Stimulation. Individuals are suited up in a high-tech neoprene suit which holds multiple electrodes that externally stimulate your muscles to contract using low intensity electric impulses. In only 20 minutes your muscles can contract over 32,000 times simultaneously.  This is unlike conventional resistance training where each muscle group in stimulated to contract separately with the stimulus coming from the brain.

"What’s the most incredible aspect about our EMS suits is that they can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels. They can be used with low intensity exercises so that there is no stress on bones, joints or ligaments or with a higher intensity routine as well," said Heather Hoffman, founder of the Luminous Beauty empire. "So, this workout can be completely customized for a total beginner, someone with an injury, an athlete training for endurance, a bodybuilder, or even an NFL Player."

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The electrodes are attached through the special suit worn during the fitness class. The pulses blast the chest, stomach, buttocks, triceps, biceps, and quads. There are no weights, no heavy lifting, just body weight movements. The electrodes heighten muscle contractions and intensify your workout in a way your body could not do on its own. While exercising, you feel a tingly feeling and you will be aware your muscles are working. The intensity is monitored on a tablet that displays a read-out of the electrodes. The trainer will adjust the impulse intensity that suits your fitness level and supports your individual training goal.

"A Shock Room Fitness workout can be performed as a group or individually, and we can design a program to meet an individuals’ needs or desires," said Hoffman. "Even in a group, the impulse intensity is customized for each client. Our talented instructor, Angel Martinez, uses different workouts such as basic low-intensity movements, aerobic, dance, Zumba, cardio, yoga and our very own Pop Cardio which he created.  Angel puts a new flare, intensity and creativity into all of his routines which will challenge you like never before." 

After a severe injury and multiple back surgeries, Hoffman knew she was in trouble as her mobility was worsening and her body was getting weaker every day. Sadly, she had to give up almost everything she once loved to do. 

Seeing her condition deteriorate, she said her very best friend, and the most caring man that she knows Dr Richard Maggio [owner of About Face by Luminous MedSpa], started to research for over a year to help her find answers and therapies that could possibly help her condition. His goal was to find a treatment that would make her feel as good on the inside as his work made her feel on the outside. “I couldn’t keep watching the person I care for so deeply hurt every day,” Dr Maggio said. “So, I continuously researched and educated myself on some of the most advanced treatments that can help make you feel amazing on the inside as well,” he said.  

While he was researching about novel treatments to introduce at About Body, he happened to be discussing his idea with one of his celebrity clients. This male super model told him about the most intense, sophisticated, revolutionary workout he loves to do while traveling in Europe. Dr Maggio decided to research this new technology which was sweeping Europe. He was convinced that this was revolutionary, and if brought to the US, it could make a difference in so many lives, not only for fitness but also for rehabilitation.  

With EMS, people with injuries can start working out sooner -- "someone with a major back injury like me, now can do this work out," said Hoffman. 

Call (908) 514-8106 to learn more and check for all new events and classes coming up. Follow Shock Room Fitness on Facebook.


About Body by Luminous:  Dr. Maggio has created one of the most advanced health, wellness and nutrition centers which incorporates fitness, beauty, meditation and so much more. Under the direction of Dr Maggio, About Body by Luminous will also be offering IV Vitamin Therapy, B12 Shots, Mic Injections, HCG, Weight Loss Programs, Cleanses, Nutrition, Genetic Testing, Hormone Therapy, Supplements, Massage & MLD Therapy, PEMF Mat Treatments, Infrared Sauna, Facials, Spray Tans, and many advanced classes such as Pilates. Barre Intensity, Yoga, Meditation, Zumba, Pop Cardio and so much more.

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