SOMERVILLE, NJ  - Alfonso Rodriguez, a professional painter, doesn’t have far to go on this job if he runs out of Fairy Tale Blue or Dog’s Ear Pink.

Those are just two of the six paint colors he’s using to spruce up the exterior of Redelico’s Paint Store and Decorating Center at 118 W. Main St.

The palette of colors he’s applying to the overhang, raised panels, doors and window trim that adorn the narrow three-story brick structure also includes Easter Pink, Bahamian Sea Blue, Meridian Blue and Amethyst Cream. The combination of tropical colors resembles those popularized by Art Deco hotel facades in Miami’s South Beach district and roadside fish shacks in the Florida Keys.

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Standing on a ladder of contrasting canary yellow and corn blue, Rodriguez said he’s extending a “family” discount to Redelico’s because of a longstanding business relationship.

The paints with the whimsical names are manufactured by Benjamin Moore, a New Jersey company founded in 1883 that is based in Montvale.

Rodriguez, whose business is based in Somerville, began work about two weeks ago. Completion of the project has been delayed by the wet weather that has settled over central New Jersey.

“It gets wet, even if it only rains for a little while, I have to wait until it dries out,” he explained while dabbing a brush dipped in Easter Pink on the trim molding around a doorway.

Randy Redelico purchased Raymar’s in 1976 and renamed the store Redelico’s Paint and Decorating Center. It is one of the longest continually-operated businesses in downtown Somerville.

Earlier this year, Redelico received a proclamation from Mayor Brian Gallagher and the Borough Council, recognizing Redelico, his family and the success the store has achieved over the past 40 years.