SOMERVILLE, NJ - Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson was the featured speaker at the Immaculata Football Leadership Seminar recently.


A former player of Immaculata Varsity Football Coach Tom Falato when both were at Ridge High School, Robertson graduated from Penn State, followed by Hofstra Law School.


He served eight years in the US Attorney General's Office and as an Assistant County Prosecutor in Essex County for three years.  

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The Leadership Seminar, hosted by Falato and his staff, is held weekly at 7:15 am to focus on the team’s core values: trust, accountability, and passion.


Robertson talked about his high school experience and how those values influenced his personal and professional life. 


“My high school football experience was instrumental in forming me as an individual.  I learned that no one can limit your potential or tell you what you can achieve," Robertson said.


"As a member of a great team at Ridge High School, I saw the importance of surrounding myself with motivated, positive people, who encouraged me to always do my best,," he added.


Robertson is the third speaker in the Leadership Seminar Program launched this January.  Previously, Henry Quiero, a business development executive from the Rockerfeller Group Technical Solutions, and Joseph Farsiou, a partner in the law firm of Trinity and Farsiou in Flemington, spoke to the team with a message that mirrored Robertson’s.


They both addressed the importance of structure in one’s life and the need for vision to overcome roadblocks, which was key to their successes.

“Our goal,” said  Falato, “is to expose our players to different styles of leadership.  The message is that what one does in the classroom, in the weight room, on the practice field, on the bus, in the game, and away from school matters.


"One’s value system is woven into one’s daily life.  We want the players to see that the right mind set, the right decision making ability and the right work ethic will produce a desirable outcome.”

On weeks without guest speakers, the leadership seminar participants watch videos, listen to lectures, and discuss case studies on the core values.  In the future a Leadership Seminar Advisory Council of players will be established.

“We are inspired by the response to this integral aspect of our football program,” said Falato. “Our players are there, week after week early in the morning,  exposed to ideas on creating their own paths to success.  The feedback from the parents has been very enthusiastic.   We are proud of the program and proud of the support our Spartans have shown towards it.”