SOMERVILLE, NJ - Although the official snowfall total in Somerville is 27.4 inches, the Office of Emergency Management suspects the borough accumulated at least 30 inches from the weekend blizzard.

As clean-up proceeds, the Somerville OEM reminds residents:

Roads and Driving:

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Refrain from parking motor vehicles on the street.

"We realize that parking is tight and it is a major inconvenience not to park on the street however there is still a lot of DPW plow work that needs to be done to widen the lanes on most roads," said Steve Weiman, the borough's OEM coordinator.

"At present roads are passable but the vast majority are not wide enough to accommodate parked motor vehicles," he added.

All municipal parking lots will offer free parking to residents on Monday, according to Weiman. 

Snow Removal:

Department of Public Works crews will continue plowing streets Monday and throughout the week.

"Please continue to be patient," Weiman said. "Clearing this amount of snow with limited room is just as frustrating to the DPW as it is to you."

Clear Exhausts & Vents:

"Before starting your car make sure your exhaust tailpipes are clear of snow," Weiman said. "Also make sure your dryer and furnace exhaust vents are also clear of snow. Lastly, if you have a heating oil delivery port make sure to shovel the snow away from it to avoid delayed oil delivery," he added.

Fire Hydrant Clearance:

Weiman also asks residents to clear snow from around fire hydrants.

"Please give our volunteer firefighters a hand and clear the snow around the hydrant," he said. "It is greatly appreciated."