SOMERVILLE, NJ -"I extend to everyone in Somerville my best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season. I hope you will join with family, friends, and neighbors at the many community, church and school events taking place over the next few weeks. Somerville will truly shine as Main Street and our beautiful residential neighborhoods come alive with the sights and sounds of holiday traditions

"As you gather with loved ones to reflect on the joys of the season, I would ask you to remember the less fortunate in our midst. The good people of Somerville are known for their generosity in reaching out in time of need, so please consider a donation of food, clothing or toys to one of our many charitable organizations. In a world where pain and tragedy often dominate the news, Somerville can continue to be an oasis of peace and good will toward men.

From my own family on South Richards and all the staff at Borough Hall, Happy Holidays."