NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - David Brighouse is a prime example of someone who truly understands a local community. 

Brighouse grew up in the City of Rahway and later returned as a teacher.

Now, Brighouse’s deep community roots and passion for the local community has led him on a new adventure - news publisher. 

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The Rahway native relaunched TAPinto Rahway in February 2021 and hasn’t looked back.

“I was born and raised in Rahway and teach at Rahway High School in the city,” Brighouse said. “Rahway was one of the only towns without a TAPinto site, and I wanted to change that. I felt that I could play a role in sharing many of the good things happening in town and reporting on the many excellent people who live here, along with simply becoming a reliable source of news for the town in general.”

TAPinto Founder and CEO Michael Shapiro is excited to have such a dedicated member of the Rahway community bringing TAPinto Rahway back to life.

“When we look for new franchise owners, one of our top priorities is finding people with deep roots in their community,” Shapiro said. “David Brighouse is a prime example of someone deeply involved in the Rahway community. His connection to Rahway is apparent in the content he produces and we look forward to watching TAPinto Rahway become the leading news provider in the City of Rahway."

Brighouse plans to lean into his personal connections to report the quality news he knows will make the biggest impact to his readers.

“I really believe in old-fashioned human connections and relationships," Brighouse said. "I'm out in the community regularly, taking part in the events and activities of the town. I also think that it's possible to cultivate compassion, concern, and love of one's neighbors in such a way as to play a role in bringing communities together and instilling trust among one another. Also, I've always loved telling stories and am a good writer. There is no end to the stories one can tell about the people and world around us.”

To Brighouse, the greatest value TAPinto brings is its dedication to local news and local communities that no other news outlets provide.

“I think everyone can use TAPinto best simply by becoming regular readers, subscribing to the newsletter, and connecting with us on social media," he said. "Frankly, I just don't see any other media source out there doing what TAPinto is doing in individual towns. That is, we're providing very high quality, reliable, well-written, daily news and doing so with integrity, honesty, and a love for our communities.”

While he thinks readers will find all the local news they will need, Brighouse does have a certain area of interest he is most excited to share through TAPinto Rahway.

“I'm deeply committed to the public schools,” he said. “But, Rahway also has a rich history and a community that takes great pride in its traditions and colonial past, and I hope to spread the word about those things as well.”

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