SOMERVILLE, NJ - Brittany Burton, owner of the Revive Consignment Store at 30 South Doughty St., will host an online spring fashion sale Saturday, April 11, followed by an Easter Sunday egg hunt in her backyard featuring her pets - two pot-bellied pigs named Weston and Sophia - just for the fun of it.

Her regular customers are familiar with Weston and Sophia, whose framed photos are part of the decor at the consignment store; the Easter egg hunt - which will be broadcast on her Facebook page - is meant to lighten the gloom that has settled in because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, according to Burton.

"People come in to the store, they see the photos and they're always commenting, they want to know everything about them; they make for great conversations; I thought of the egg hunt to help lift peoples' spirits, to forget about the news for five or ten minutes and just have fun," she explained.

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Burton and her husband Joe rescued Weston from Pross Mill Farm in Pennsylvania five years ago soon after they purchased their home in Piscataway. Sophia joined the clan last year. Weston weighs 115 pounds, Sophia about 75 pounds. Burton says both are highly intelligent, and compares their demeanor to that of a three-year-old child.

"You have to stay ahead of them; they can open cabinet doors; they're super easy to train, they can do a million tricks, sit, spin; one plays the piano, but not very gracefully," Burton said.

The sale on Saturday begins at 4 p.m. The Easter egg hunt featuring Weston and Sophia begins at 11 a.m. Sunday. Both can be viewed on Facebook -

The egg hunt will be available for viewing for those who miss the live stream.

There is a video on the Revive Facebook page which explains how the sale works. If interested in a particular item, the viewer must post a comment on the Facebook page; the first one to comment is the winner. Payment is by PayPal, debit or credit card. The purchaser will be sent an invoice, and arrangements will be made for Burton to either ship or drop off the item.

Burton expects to have as many as 40-45 items in the online sale, primarily spring outfits for women.

This will be Revive's third online sale since the spread of COVID-19 forced New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy to order non-essential retail establishments to close. Burton turned to the Internet to keep her business open, and is pleased with the response from her loyal customer base.

"It's been excellent, better than I thought," she said. "Both weekends went well, so if I continue to do it every Saturday, I will have enough to pay the rent, pay bills and the consignors and have enough to survive," she added.

The online alternative has worked out so well that Burton said she'd like to have more than one sale a week, but she's busier than ever having to invoice, package and deliver and prepare for the following weekend's sale.

The timing has also worked to her advantage. Prior to the closure order, she had been taking in a lot of merchandise at the end of February from consignors so that her inventory is substantial.

"I'm just selling what I've taken in, so by the end of the month, the racks will be close to bare; I may have to do home pick-ups from my consignors," she said.