To the editor:

Recently Somerset County Surrogate Frank Bruno wrote a letter to his fellow Republican local committee members. In the letter he denounced the Democratic Freeholder majority as having “brought a political agenda not suited for county government.”

He claims that their “Social Justice” movement has created tension and has been divisive.

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It is obvious Mr. Bruno has no idea of what Social Justice means. Social Justice is about equity and inclusion. Its goal is to invite every member of our society to contribute and participate equally. In fact, the Great Seal of the United States says “E Pluribus Unum”, Out of Many One.

Rather than embrace diversity of our nation and our county, he longs for a time that has passed. He talks of an “American Republic” that is under “assault” using the same inflammatory language as the leader of his party, Donald Trump. He wants to scare us into believing we are in danger of losing our constitutional freedoms to the menace of “Social Justice.”

Again, a page out the Trump handbook. Mr. Bruno fails to recognize that Somerset County has become diverse, with 19% Asian, 15% Latino and over 10% Black populations.

Our Somerset County Community has become stronger and more vibrant and will remain so by inviting all residents to contribute and participate equally.

Mr. Bruno, during your time in office, the world has passed you by. Your ideas belong in another era. Democrats do not seek divisiveness; we recognize diversity makes us stronger. We are one county formed out of the many people of Somerset.

By the way, you are welcome to join in.