SOMERVILLE, NJ - These are not the easiest of times to be working in a hospital.

Even the young kids know that, and in their own way, they want to help.

They use crayons, colored pencils and markers to scrawl messages of hope, encouragement and thanks in big block letters.

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Stick figures, smiley faces, rainbows and hearts, flowers, X's & O's decorate the handmade cards, each one unique, each one drawn with love and care for the doctors, nurses and medical staff at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital/Somerset.

The cards arrive daily and are distributed throughout the 361-bed hospital.

Pure, innocent, unadulterated they are a perfect antidote to the omnipresent COVID-19

Taped, tacked to nurses' work stations, hallway bulletin boards, break rooms and the cafeteria, the cards are a bright spot in what can otherwise be a dismal, dispiriting day - just what the doctor ordered.

"We are thankful for you."

"If we work together we can stop this virus."

"Thank you docters (sic) and nurses for helping the sick."

"Thank you nurses for helping people and saving their lives and giving the medcine (sic) for saving their life."

"We appreciate all that you do. Have a happy day."

"Thank you docters (sic) nurses and staff helping the sick with coronavirus."

Dear Nurses and doctors for all the hard work you have put in to for fixing people that have coronavirus we greatly appreciate it."