EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Okay guys, it's the second week of getting our CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) baskets on, in my case, "Surprise Wednesday" to see what we have to work with this week.


Yellow summer squash

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Green leaf lettuce


Good stuff, but now what to do with it?  

Again, I recommend a good cleaning of the kohlrabi and grating it, along with some onion, and using it as a base for kohl-latkes (ptotato pancakes.)  It's a nice firm root veg with a bit of horseradish flavor.  Mke a horseradish cream sauce to go alongside or serve nice and crispy with some soy sauce and a dide dish for some grilled fish or chicken.

We will see lots of the popular vegetable kale this summer in our baskets.  There are lots of online recipes for kale chips ( I make mine with seaseme seeds and sea salt, and my husband loves them!) Easy and a new way to get some veg in the system.  Clean these well, too, and use as the base in a smooth to get some more of theat Vitamin A we could all use more of.

Use your lettuce to make your own fresh summer dinner salad with the strawberries, some toasted walnuts, red onion, goat cheese, and maybe some grilled steak or salmon on top.

Big recipe this week?  Ratatouille (no, not the movie with the rats!) Martha Stewart style (remember that Martha is a Polish-American Jersey Girl from Nutley!) that uses this recipe from a great site called 12 Tomatoes