To the Editor:

My name is Simran Prajapati and I am the proud daughter of Joyce Mehta - one of the most qualified candidates for the South Brunswick Board of Education.

As a South Brunswick High School alumnus and current King’s College London undergraduate, I am grateful for the opportunities this school district has given me but more importantly, I am grateful for the incredible amount of support I have received from my mother.

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One of the most compassionate people that I know, my mother has always been about service and giving back to the community.

In our household volunteering was an essential activity; my sister and I would join our mother in volunteering at community events such as National Night Out and we would even assist her at every single school event where she was volunteering.

She even cleverly convinced all my high school friends to help volunteer also.

As a child she would always talk about “Seva” - the Hindu belief of selfless service - and as I grow older I am grateful that she raised me to understand the value of service.

She believes with all her heart that she must give back to the community she holds so dear.

My mother has not only supported me emotionally, but also academically by involving herself in my schooling at every opportunity.

From volunteering for the PTO or being the classroom mom, to starting her own “Equity in Education” campaign she has undoubtedly been a major part of my educational journey.

When she began to notice the stress induced by my heavy workload from freshman year, she immediately reached out to other parents to determine whether other students were suffering like I was.

With dedication and unwavering perseverance she conducted surveys and united parents to shed light on the issue of homework.

As a result of her diligence and commitment to her goal, the Board of Education reinstated the Homework Policy and established “homework-free breaks” - liberating students across the district.

This brought great relief for so many students.

We were able to enjoy our holidays-for the very first time.

Moreover, if she was capable of impacting our schools that much merely as a parent, I can only imagine how she would create change for the district as an administrator.

I am who I am today because of my mother.

She has been my role model but moreover, she’s been my greatest advocate.

And for that reason, I strongly urge that on Nov. 7 you elect Joyce Mehta - a woman of tenacity and passion - to be your advocate, too.