NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Live results from Tuesday’s General Election will be available on the County’s website beginning after polls close at 8 p.m., according to a county press release.

“This is a major technological step forward for the County and for our voters,” said Freeholder Director Ronald G. Rios. “We are extremely proud that our residents can see results from State, County and Municipal races -- as they come in -- right from their home computers.”

According to the release, as results are reported to the County Board of Elections, they will be available for viewing on the site.

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The site will be updated throughout the night as towns report. The results posted will be unofficial, according to the county.

Residents simply visit the County website at and click on the link from the homepage.

The results are best viewed on Chrome and Firefox browsers, according to the release.

County and State Assembly races will be at the top of the page, while municipal races will scroll along the bottom of the page, the release said.

All mayoral and council or committee races from every town, district or ward that has a race will be available.

The number of votes each candidate receives and the percentage of the vote will be displayed both numerically and in pie-chart form all on a single page view, without the user having to scroll down, according to the release.

“Last year, we took particular care to redesign a County website that better served our residents,” said Freeholder Deputy Director Carol Bellante. “Offering live election results in a format that is easily accessible is just one of the features the new site includes to make County government more accessible and more transparent. I look forward to the additional functionality that will be introduced on the site in the coming months.”