SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – Just how much homework is too much?

The South Brunswick Board of Education is going to try and find out.

After complaints by numerous parents that the district is handing out too much homework, Superintendent Dr. Jerry Jellig said this week that it will look into the issue.

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The issue came up during the public comment session of Monday night’s meeting.

Resident Joyce Mehta said that she and a group of concerned parents wanted the board to know that the amount of homework given by teachers in the district is having a detrimental effect on the wellbeing of students.

Mehta asked the board to conduct an anonymous study from teachers, parents and students to address the issue.

“We have been trying to raise these concerns for the past year,” Mehta said. “We believe there can be some quick and easy solutions.”

Jellig said the district is going to look into the issue, which as a parent of four children, also concerns him.

“My children have exorbitant homework,” Jellig said. “I recognize and understand your concerns.”

He said that an adhoc committee is being formed to study the issue and see if the district is doing it the right way or if modifications need to be made.

“We are going to do it right, on our schedule,” Jellig said.

Jellig said the board may have a recommendation on the issue by the end of the year that will hopefully look at the “full scope” of homework in the district.

Another resident, Suzanne O Rourke, who is the mother of twins, said that she was concerned that her two children get different homework amounts from different teachers although they are in the exact same grade and learning level.

Jellig said that, depending on the amount variation between teachers, each teacher has “nuances” in how they assign work and cover material.

He said that it would be a problem, in that case, if the variations between the teachers was large, and that would be an issue that he would look into.

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