SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - "Thump, thump,” was the patting of the snow all this weekend.

It was so much snow that nobody was allowed to come out to play or go grocery shopping because New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie declared a state of emergency.

But that's not what we're talking about today.

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The blizzard threw snow that was about two-feet high in New Jersey, but in other states like Baltimore and Virginia, there was more than four feet of snow!

Almost all of the people I know liked the snow, played in it, went sledding in it, and climbed up snow mountains.

People also reported that they saw people's legs stuck in the snow.

It took hours and hours to clean the snow, about a day.

One of the plow trucks even broke down because of the snow.

But after the South Brunswick Schools Superintendent Dr. Jerry Jellig announced that there was no school on Monday, almost everyone in South Brunswick was happy.

The blizzard was called '' Winter Storm Jonas.”

The Weather Channel thought it would snow about a foot, but it snowed 23 inches, and was referred to as a historic blizzard.

Dev Dixit is a third grade student in the Brooks Crossing Newspaper Club and was assigned to write about this weekend’s storm. TAP Into South Brunswick and Cranbury is a proud sponsor of the club and publishes articles written by the students on its website as well as in the club’s print edition.

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