SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – The 1,200-students of Crossroads South Middle School took several steps, dancing that is, to “Whip Pediatric Cancer” on Wednesday.

Almost the entire student body of the school gathered in the gym Wednesday afternoon to dance in a foundation’s battle against pediatric cancer.

Students responded to a challenge from a school in Long Island, N.Y. to do the “Whip” dance, and some “freestyle,” raising more than $3,000 against the childhood disease.

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Principal Bonnie Capes said that the school would meet its $3,000 challenge to help the foundation top its $30,000 goal raised through similar challenges to schools and individuals online.

“We’re going to crush (the $3,000 goal),” Capes said as teachers prepared the student body to shoot a 5-minute video answering the challenge and extending one to national television show host Ellen DeGeneres.

“Ellen, we challenge you!” the students yelled in unison before the music began and they rose to dance from their seats in the bleachers and the gym floor.

The foundation was created by Jordan Belous, 16, of Long Island, after spending a week working at a summer camp caring for children afflicted with pediatric cancer, according to the organization’s website.

The foundation encourages directly donating to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

The organization has raised more than its initial $30,000 goal and is now expanding that goal to $35,000.

Belous sent the school a video thanking the students for taking part in the challenge.

In addition to the students challenging Ellen, the teachers are also challenging their Crossroads North Middle School counterparts.

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