SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – The Township is doing very well, Mayor Frank Gambatese said to a room full of community business leaders Thursday during the annual Economic Development Commission luncheon at Pierre’s of South Brunswick.

“I want to tell you what a great year we had,” Gambatese said.

Gambatese said the township was named in one survey as one of the best communities to live in and that the municipality “is not just about business, but about people.”

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Gambatese, who is in his fourth, four-year term as mayor of the municipality with about 45,000 residents, spoke for around 15 minutes about the accomplishments made by the community in the last year.

“We have approved more than 3 million square feet more of warehouses (this year),” he said. “We have more than 40 million square feet of warehouses occupied. That is telling us the economy is coming back.”

He said the township has also approved thousands of square feet of both office and research and development space, as well as two new shopping centers in 2015.

He also said the real estate market for residential homes is doing well.

“Our housing stock (prices) are through the roof,” he said.

Gambatese said the township has also been a leader in providing affordable housing for residents and has met all of the state mandated obligations through the three rounds Council On Affordable Housing requirements.

“We need housing for all economic structures within our township,” he said.

According to Gambatese, the township still has some 9,000 acres to develop, and could swell to more than 93,000 residents if the town is not smart about how it uses that land.

“That’s a lot of acres,” he said. “Our infrastructure could not handle that capacity. So we need to plan that very well.”

The commission meets regularly to discuss how to make the business community stronger in town and recently held a successful job fair at the community center in Woodlot Park on New Road.

Township Councilman and commission member Joe Camorata said that the event, sponsored in part by Middlesex County, featured more than 70 firms looking for workers.

Some attending the job fair were offered employment on the spot, he said.

Gambatese said he would meet with anyone from the business community that had an issue with the township in order to help the municipality’s economy grow.

“Your success is our success,” he said.

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