SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - South Brunswick School Superintendent Scott Feder has announced that the following staff will be retiring during 2018, most named below will be retiring at the end of the school year. The staff total over 900 years of service to the district.

The retirees are as follows:

Joanne Auerbach, Crossroads South

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 Dianne Belnay, - South Brunswuick High School

Patricia Bunnell, Transportation

Madeline Daniels, Central Office-Admin. Assistant to the Superintendent

Eileen Dietz, District Technology

Henry Dudek, Transportation

Theresa Durando, South Brunswick High School 

Donna Forrest, Transportation

Michele Gerenza, Transportation

Dawn Guidice, Cambridge

Betty Hansen, Transportation

Beth Kaplowitz, South Brunswick High School 

Maria Kiernan, South Brunswick High School 

Angelene Krull, Indian Fields

Barbara Kubicke, Indian Fields

Leslie Lillian, Greenbrook

Robin Metzger, South Brunswick High School

Faith Miller, Indian Fields

Debra Miller, Monmouth Junction

Madelyn Neufeld, District Student Services

Sharon Ottaviani, Crossroads South

Susan Perkins, Crossroads South

Cindy Perl, SBHS

Alice Rodakis, Crossroads South

Margaret Sapienzynski, Transportation

Diane Savotok, Transportation

Eda Schmalz, Cambridge

Beverly Schwab, Indian Fields

Catherine Seber, Indian Fields & Dayton

Anna Serafin, Maintenance

Donna-Marie Sock, Greenbrook

Jennifer Stanislawczyk, Crossroads South

Holly Stefanidis, South Brunswick High School 

Kathy Wales, Monmouth Junction


The above list does not include those staff who requested confidentiality in regards to their employment.