CRANBURY, NJ – Chief of Police Rickey Varga put out a statement Sunday morning regarding the aftermath of Winter Storm Jonas, which dumped about 20 inches of snow on the area yesterday.

“The statewide travel ban has been lifted. All roadways remain snow covered but passable. Intersections may be difficult to negotiate as clean up continues,” the statement said. “Most sidewalks have not been cleared and we ask motorists to use caution and to be aware of pedestrians walking in roadways. Throughout the remainder of the day please consider to limit unnecessary travel.”

“As temperatures warm the fallen snow will become heavier making shoveling/removal difficult and strenuous,” the statement continued. “We are a walking community and ask residents to find the means to clear sidewalks. However, please be careful, limit strenuous shoveling and help elderly or neighbors that may have any special needs.”

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Varga said that No power outages were reported during or in the aftermath of the storm, and that police responded to many stranded motorist and emergency calls.

He said, however, there were no serious injuries or incidents.

The 34-unit Cranbury Department of Public Works worked feverishly since the onset of the storm and continue to do so, he said.

“Their efforts along with those of our Police Officers and Emergency Services should be recognized and commended,” he said.

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