WOODBRIDGE, NJ - Anthony “Tony” Gallo, the Republican contender against Democrat Mildred “Millie” Scott has visions in place to bring efficiency and professionalism back to the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office. Anthony Gallo has made a promise to make his county front & center, specifically to assist the residents’ essential needs.  Those Gallo has met throughout the county have made many recurring concerns clear.  Therefore, he is focused on sanctuary policies, immigration seminars, sheriff’s patrols, and special needs/senior citizen protections.

Gallo is working assiduously with his team in creating real solutions to keep Middlesex County as the pride of New Jersey. The primary focus is to make Middlesex County align once again with the Constitution by making Middlesex a non-sanctuary county.  Mrs. Scott’s office has allowed countless criminal illegal persons back into society; among the numerous available stories is the November 2018 tragedy of the 3 Missourians murdered by a man released from a Middlesex County jail, or the most recent criminal illegal that sexually assaulted a minor. Gallo will implement a NO CATCH and RELEASE policy. The goal is to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other federal entities by not allowing another arrested illegal immigrant to potentially hurt or kill a citizen.  This fall, ICE blatantly disavowed New Jersey’s controversial directive on the issue. By ending sanctuary policies, Middlesex will join other NJ counties pushing back on the state’s ordinances.  “Not on my watch, I will be a Constitutional Sheriff for the people not the politicians,” stated Tony Gallo.  

It is no question that Sheriff Scott is not worried about the criminal illegal immigrants reentering our communities, so Gallo has been looking to the constituents for guidance. For those living peacefully, Mr. Gallo is drawn to the idea of implementing seminars through legal aides and a new non-profit to assist illegal residents in understanding the importance of and many advantages of obtaining citizenship, as well as the purpose of paying into the United States of America’s tax pool without fear of being targeted.

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Currently, county roads are not being patrolled by the sheriff’s officers.  These roads are in disarray but Gallo has a resolution in place to ease the discomfort many county law enforcement officers are facing.  By ordering more sheriff officer patrols throughout our towns, this can unburden smaller police forces and engage the Sheriff’s Office with more of the people, not just those in New Brunswick.  Gallo would like to introduce a drug interdiction team, to help combat the opioid and drug crises in our communities which are destroying the residents’ livelihoods.  “This is not a want, it is a necessity for our residents safety and security is a must,” Tony Gallo believes.

Finally, there are residents facing harsh realities of having inadequate assistance with special needs children or for those affected with Alzheimer’s. Gallo will be looking to greatly improve upon an existing program in Middlesex County.  With additional funding through available grants, discomfort can be eased for many folks whose family members require special attention due to illness.  This program has found success using a bracelet type device, for when somebody is lost, the device can be activated and usually located within 30 minutes, saving lives. The problem, however, Gallo shares is that “No one seems to know about the program.  Project Lifesaver needs a completely new rollout. People are telling me how perfect it’d be for their loved one, but had no idea something like this existed. We need a grand reopening, of sorts.” 

It is time for a change of the guard in Middlesex County.  The current Sheriff Scott’s Office has signed over $5 million taxpayer dollars to pay off lawsuits ranging from sexual harassment to discrimination in which some of her own officers have specifically been the targets of. This toxic environment in the Sheriff’s Office cannot continue, therefore Gallo intends to lead the department from the ground level and up! The primary focus is to have an “open door” policy, which includes having officers attend weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings to discuss daily standard operational procedures and/or additional ideas to implement in the Sheriff’s Department. “There is no I in TEAMWORK,” stated Tony Gallo. Middlesex County is home to 25 municipalities, which are governed by a diverse group of leadership. Gallo plans to visit each municipality within his first months in office with the goal of discussing the necessary assistance needed to tackle matters such as crime, county patrols and illicit drugs in our community.



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