This is the last chance in my lifetime to help save America for my children and grandchildren.

We never needed a President Trump more then we do right now.

Donald Trump loves America and will fight to protect American morals, values and beliefs.

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He will continue to push back against the political correctness that cripples us with fear.

He supports legal immigration while also wanting to secure our borders and enforce our current immigration laws.

If this isn't done more illegals will cross our borders while expecting us to support them with free healthcare, education, housing and food which will put more of a burden on us financially, this will be paid for by taxpayers who are already struggling to provide for their own families.

Americans have had enough!

Politicians and elites have become self serving with power, money and greed.

Donald Trump is miscast by the biased liberal media.

He is simply a man who loves his country and sees it slipping away and wants to give back for all that it has given him.

Without him, we will wind up with the most liberal Supreme Court Justices in our history that will affect our children and grandchildren for generations to come.                                                                                                                      We,The People, have lost our spirit and it's time to take our country back, one vote at a time on Nov. 8.