TRENTON, NJ - Join us this afternoon as the Assembly meets to vote on a number of initiatives, including bills that would:

 Require the State to maintain emergency stockpiles of PPE, and encourage PPE manufacturing in NJ;
 Establish a Commission to review existing rules, regulations, and Executive Orders, and provide recommendations to better or repeal them;
 Establish regulations related to long-term care facilities, including upgrading reporting requirements and establishing stronger penalties;
⚡️ Require utilities provide customers notice of relief measures available during the COVID-19 pandemic;
喙 Protect access to mental health, behavioral health, and addiction services;
六‍ Assist in the provision and expansion of internet services across the State;
良 Require health care professionals be transparent about the type of licensure they have;
✏️ Require a high-school age student representative on each board of education;

...and many more.

Find the full agenda here:
At 1PM, watch live here:…