To the Editor:
I am so proud to endorse my dear friend J.Joyce Mehta, a "person with many hats"-mother, parent advocate, lawyer, entrepreneur, paraprofessional to name a few for the South Brunswick School Board election on Nov. 7.
I met Joyce a few years ago with regards to an issue with South Brunswick High School which was resolved amicably with her guidance and help.
She has helped countless members of our community, who trust her implicitly.  I,then learned about her active involvement in school district's homework committee and facilitating a showing of "Race to Nowhere" leading to a collaborative partnership between and Board of Education members at South Brunswick. She has been an involved parent for the past 11 years,an active PTO/Site member and has been a regular attendee, speaking at South Brunswick Board of education meetings, representing the needs of our children and concerns raised by parents  with utmost compassion.
It amazes me that Joyce offers  to help readily  to any parents/children/ residents who have questions with South Brunswick schools and suggests ways to help  find remedy  even if  she has to reach out to our schools or board members in person. Through this approach of "wanting to help and  getting the best for our children" she has  formed a group called "Equity in Education" consisting of parents wanting to make a positive change in our children's lives. There are now 235 members in this group. Like me "Equity"has has several member parents/guardians who support her unselfish motives to reach higher goals for our children in South Brunswick . 

Joyce has been a long time resident of South Brunswick, married with two daughters, studying in South Brunswick schools. Her agenda of improving communication between parents and board members as well as resolving issues via meaningful dialogue and arbitration can save our district millions of dollars litigating issues within our school district . She is an experienced negotiator with excellent communication skills and excels in evaluating legal documents and contracts . This comes easy to her as a part of her profession of being a lawyer which will be great asset to our Board of Education.
For the past many years, Joyce has attended regular H.O.P.E meetings with teachers, Union Presidents, school staff,and parents discussing issues in other school communities across the state .She has attended PARCC sessions held by NJ Department of Education and has contributed extensively to "homework free holidays" for our children so that they can celebrate holidays while imbibing the cultural essence of holidays from family. 
"Our children deserve nothing but the best"-That is our mission at South Brunswick.While our children excel in academia to compete in national level we want to promote their well beings in all spheres of lives physical as well as emotional . Nothing can be more saddening to see that our children suffer in any sphere in life-we as parents are the first to perceive this stress.Hence it is important that parents need to be heard and  our view point taken seriously by the South Brunswick Board of Education.With Joyce being  a member of South Brunswick board  of education,I see hope- hope that we as parents will be empowered to support the resilience and healthy development of our children.
For many years now, Joyce has selflessly contributed to our community at South Brunswick Schools -to bring about noticeable change within our school systems  and giving insight to distressed families ".