EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ -  Last week our Congresswoman, Bonnie Watson Coleman (12th Congressional District) voted in the negative on H Res 246 which opposes the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction) movement. BDS unfairly targets the State of Israel, and is nothing less than institutional Anti-Semitism.


I am not suggesting that I have the solution to the dispute between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. However, peace can only be achieved when each party recognizes each other’s right to live together in the region and are willing to commence direct negotiations to end the conflict. This is the only way to secure the safety and security of ALL people living in the region. Voting against HRes 246 only hampers any effort toward peace.


This is not only my opinion; it is the opinion of most constituents living in my township and the Congresswoman’s district. It was also the overwhelming opinion of the House of Representatives where the vote was 398 Yes, 17 No, 1 Abstention. It is disheartening to find my Congresswoman in the group of legislators that voted negative since they, as a group, do not represent the vast majority of members in the Democratic Party. While I defend their right to express their views, they do not represent me, democrats in our district, or democrats as a whole.


I urge Congresswoman Bonnie Watson-Coleman to reconnect with the community she represents, as it is her responsibility to represent the interests of the people who sent her to Washington.