NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - Middlesex County has announced a partnership with WSP USA Inc. for the design and construction of the long awaited North Brunswick Train Station. The Middlesex County Improvement Authority approved of the partnership sometime last week. Officials with the State, County and Township announced the decision at a live-streamed press conference earlier today. To watch the full press conference, please click here.

NJT plans to build a flying junction and balloon loop called the Mid-Line Loop between MP 36 and MP 37 on the NEC south of the new station, allowing trains to turn around and enter and leave service without crossing over tracks, and function as a staging area for a mid-line terminus. NJT originates trains to Newark Penn Station and New York Penn Station during peak hours from the Jersey Avenue station, to the north in New Brunswick and concluding at Princeton Junction.

NJT is creating a "train haven" at County Yard where equipment could be stored during serious storms. The work involves reconfiguring and expanding the yard into the adjacent Mile Run Yard, which is not in service.[14][15][16]

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            “This is a major leap forward for this project,” said Middlesex County Commissioner Shanti Narra, “We are one step closer to finishing this project, and we are excited to see what WSP will bring to North Brunswick Township.”

            The train station is part of the county’s ‘Destination 2040’ initiative, a plan to make Middlesex County an appealing place to live and work by creating a thriving economy. The North Brunswick Train Station is meant to open up the country to a larger job market and make commuting more convenient, according to a press release.

            James Polos, the Executive Director of the Middlesex County Improvement Authority, said that WSP’s design will help to reduce road congestion, create quicker commute times and create jobs in the process.

            The project was awarded over $3 million and will be completed in four phases - Conceptual Engineering, Preliminary Engineering, Final Engineering, and finally Construction Assistance Services. The MCIA submitted a formal request for a proposal in October, 2020.

            WSP is a New York based company with over 49,000 employees globally. They have a 130-year history of architectural design and construction all over the world, including New York City, Canada, London, the Middle East, Africa and India, according to the company website.

            “We thank Middlesex County, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority, the Department of Transportation, and NJ TRANSIT for their continued partnership in this much-needed train station that will bring so many benefits to our municipality,” said North Brunswick Township Mayor Francis “Mac” Womack. “North Brunswick looks forward to continuing to work with these partners, now joined by WSP USA, to move this project forward in a swift fashion.”