SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - On October 22, three new South Brunswick School District employees were the first recipients of a gift from the Pang Foundation, an organization which gives charitable donations to South Brunswick schools. The foundation is named after Jackie Pang, a former South Brunswick teacher who passed away in April 2020 from Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD). The presentation was at the Indian Fields School Dayton campus, where Pang taught for 22 years. Members of her family presented a check for $200 to Edna Bercaw, Casey Corrallo and Kelly Wecker, all of whom are employees at the school.

The Pang Foundation has two beneficiaries, the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration and new teachers in the South Brunswick School District. Kim Pang, Pang’s daughter, said that their goal was to give to all South Brunswick schools in the upcoming years and to raise awareness of FTD.

“My mom made it her mission to help every kid who came into her well decorated classroom,” Kim Pang said in a speech. “She enjoyed helping them and was a positive influence on their lives when they were young, and she was honored to be, for some of them, their very first teacher.”