To the Editor:

The John Jay School of Criminal Justice Study (Feb. 27, 2003) concluded that “81 percent of the victims in the clerical sex scandal in the Catholic Church between 1950 and 2002 were male.”

The study also concluded that 78 percent of the victims were post-pubescent.

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Since only men can be priests in the Catholic Church, this means we experienced, in large measure, a homosexual molestation crisis in the church.

We did not experience only a “pedophilia” epidemic as the media reported (“Pope creates tribunal to hear charges of cover-ups in abuse,” June 11, 2015).

Those promoters of the gay movement and the sexual revolution share great guilt in this tragedy.

They are certainly not the innocent bystanders they claim to be.

Rev. Stanley Krzyston is the pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church in Yardville.