SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The South Brunswick police are currently investigating two robberies that happened on Ridge Road. On Monday, May 18th, a house on Ridge Road near Perrine Road was broken in to. The burglar broke through the front door and stole some cash sometime between 7:30 AM and 1 PM.

            The second burglary occurred on Tuesday, May 26th, on Ridge Road near Helen Road sometime between 9:30 AM and 1 PM. Again, the burglar broke through the front door and stole some jewelry. According to the South Brunswick police, in both cases, the burglar was selective in what they stole. Anyone with any information should contact the South Brunswick police.

            The police are also warning the community of ‘Paving Scams,’ where phony contractors tell residents that they will redo their driveway for a low price. According to the police, a few residents have reportedly been approached by these scammers. A South Brunswick ordinance forbids door to door sales from solicitors.

            Scamming has become more prevalent during the pandemic. The police department reminds residents to not give personal information or money to anyone approaching them over the phone, online, or in person. On May 18th, the South Brunswick Police, along with the FBI and state police, arrested a man who scammed a Kendall Park woman out of $20,000.