SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The South Brunswick Police Department provided an update on the state of the township on Friday following Tuesday's tropical storm that left many New Jersey residents in the dark. Route 27 between Kingston Terrace and Promenade Boulevard remains closed along with Haypress Road. Friendship Road is still shut between New Road and Broadway Road. One traffic light remains out. The traffic light at Route 535 and Davidsons Mill Road is still not operable.

PSE&G crews are continuing to work to bring the power back on for all South Brunswick residents according to information released by the South Brunswick Police Department. Ninety-one homes remain without power. That number is down for 2,000 plus following the storm on Tuesday. Most outages around the state were caused by high winds that knocked down trees and power lines.

The SBPD is also reporting a number of residents having issues with carbon monoxide because of generator use. Generators must be operated outside and at least 15 feet from a residence according to the South Brunswick Police Department. A generator should not be in use near any open windows because of the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. Two South Brunswick residents were hospitalized earlier this week because of carbon monoxide poisoning from fumes from a neighbor's generator.