Fifth grade has the potential to be really boring or really fun.

At Constable School, fifth grade is nothing but fun. We have many responsibilities, there are a lot of fun activities, and the teachers are well, awesome!

You may think that schools all over the world have these opportunities. However, Constable School, one of the great South Brunswick schools, is truly exceptional.

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In fifth grade at Constable, there are many responsibilities to take on.

Some of them include morning announcers, safety patrol, and the yearbook staff.

With announcers, students have the chance to announce to the whole school.

In addition, Constable gives students the chance to not only just speak into a microphone but broadcast their voice throughout the building

There is also a Safety Patrol in Constable.

The Safeties are sort of like police. They keep a watchful eye on the ‘roads’ of Constable to see if anyone is “speeding.”

The students get three warnings before getting reported.

After that, they get a firm talking to by the chief (a teacher at the school). If they continue to misbehave, they go to the general (the principal).

With the Safeties, no one acts mean or runs without having a warning or logical consequence. These men and women  (boys and girls actually) have a big duty to take care of.

Finally, there is the yearbook staff. The yearbook is lead by two teachers just so no one messes up or gets out of control. Otherwise, it is all up to the kids.

Do you see how Constable students can show we are responsible?

You saw before how we have all these responsibilities, right?

Well, we also get to have a lot of fun!

First, Constable provides many entertaining trips.

We get to go to the Liberty Science Center, a middle school play, an Art Gallery, an amusement park, and our very own tour of the Middle School.

The Liberty Science Center really was a fun learning experience.

There were exhibits like the skyscraper, dark tunnel, and much more.

The middle school play was also exciting because they did  “Seussical”.

The Art Gallery showed all of South Brunswick’s drawings including the elementary schools’ sketches, middle schools’ exciting drawings, and the high schools’ masterpieces.

 We also get to go to an awesome amusement park. Though we have not gone there yet, it is always something that all fifth graders in Constable look forward to.

Finally, we get a tour of the Middle School.

I am expecting this to be very fun because we are learning about this big school that we will soon be a part of.

The field trips are not the only things that are fun. The fifth graders proudly show their spirit by wearing T-shirts...that they designed.

They just draw a picture, and the winning picture is the one that gets printed on the shirts. Isn’t that cool? Now do you know about the fun things at Constable school?

I cannot end this essay without mentioning the great staff that we have here at Constable.

All of the things I mentioned before are all made possible by them. Safety Patrol is monitored under the watchful eye of Mrs. Kozack and Ms. O’Rourke. Announcements are guided by Mrs. Malinske in the main office.  Ms. Needles and Mrs. Midlarsky take care of the Yearbook.

The Art Gallery is organized and presented by our wonderfully creative art teacher, Mrs. Kociolek. And then, of course, there are the fifth grade teachers: Mrs. Mills, Ms. Needles, Mrs. Pearce, Mrs. Midlarsky, and Ms. Charboneau, as well as the specialists and the support teachers.

All of these teachers try their best to make us great fifth graders ready for sixth grade.

Right now, it is easy to say that it is working.

“My goal is to prepare my class to be contributing members of society while maintaining kindness and honesty as part of their character. I want to inspire and encourage students to be the best that they can be,” said Mrs. Mills.  “I want to have students enjoy what they are learning and get them ready for next year and the future,”

Mrs. Pearce tells me. Mrs. Midlarsky really wants to make her students have a lot of fun while learning at the same time.

“I want to make them laugh,” she says. “It is really cool to be in her class. It is fun and exciting too.”

“My main goal is to have my students show growth,” Ms. Needles states.

Mrs. Charboneau can agree with the other teachers. “I really want my students to be excited about learning. They should feel confident in themselves.”

 I am a student in Mrs. Mills’ class.

Her classes are filled with fun, learning, and kindness.

I am sure others could say the same about their teachers.

“[My goal is] to always be prepared so all of my students can learn as much as they can,” says Mrs. Custodio, one of the many support teachers of Constable.

Mrs. Freeman, another educational support teacher, expresses, “My goal for my students is that they can achieve their goals and be able to grow as an individual. I want to teach so that they can understand.”

These teachers are indeed great role models and are all really good at their jobs.


Fifth grade at Constable is really something.

Like I told you before, there are a lot of obligations, activities, and most of all, great teachers.

Constable has served as a superb educational institution for all who pass through it.

The only bad thing about it is that we have to leave this great school.

I know that middle school will be exciting, but I will visit this school every time I can because Constable has left an everlasting impact on my life.