SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The South Brunswick Planning Board started its hearing with Bridge Cranbury, LLC Wednesday evening to discuss the application for a warehouse distribution center with an office component.

The warehouse building is 264,085 square feet, on a 16.64-acre site located at block 6.01 and lots 52 and 53.

Bridge Cranbury, LLC attorney Ron Shimanowitz asked the board to postpone a decision on the proposal so it would be able to look into the impervious coverage.

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That is the coverage of the available ground by either a building or pavement.

Shimanowitz said he felt that Cranbury Bridge, LLC would need to look further into its plans in order to make the board feel more comfortable with it.

Under the ordinance, the maximum percentage for the building coverage is 55 percent, but Bridge Cranbury, LLC is proposing 63 percent.

“The building is about 10,295 square feet bigger than the building coverage allows (under the ordinance), and the impervious coverage is over by 57,997 square feet. Which is 1.33 acres,” Mohamed El-Ahwwhe, Site Engineer for Bridge Cranbury, LLC said.

The board did not have much concern over the building coverage being over, but the impervious coverage, which includes pavement for roads and parking, did seem to bother them.

“Now I think the big issue is the impervious coverage. Nobody else here has any big issues here,” said Planning Board Chairman Dr. Paul Prodromo.

The purpose of an impervious coverage is so that there is enough land to absorb and infiltrate rainfall. If there is not enough impervious coverage, this could cause major flooding.

“In listening to the board’s concerns about the building coverage and particularly the impervious coverage, what we would actually like to do is take another look at the plan,” said Shimanowitz. “We want to take another look at the plan, to see if we can make the board a little more comfortable with the proposal. That would leave us with a revision to the plan, and (we would have to) to come back with our planner.”

Shimanowitz is scheduled to come back to the board for the final approval of the application on April 20.

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