SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The South Brunswick Police have arrested a couple in connection to a string of late night landscaping robberies in the Kendall Park area of the township. Danielle Viszneki, age 35, and her fiancee James Baker, age 51, from Franklin Township were arrested and charged with Theft of Movable Property, a 4th degree offense. They were processed and released on summonses, according to a press release from the police department.

            For the past three weeks, at least eight South Brunswick residents have reported items being stolen from their front lawns in the early hours of the morning. Stolen items include solar landscaping lights, potted flowers, a bird feeder, and lawn decorations. Residents took to social media to raise awareness of these burglaries, leading to more reports of stolen property according to the press release.

            Multiple residents were able to provide video footage of these robberies, many of which were from doorbell cameras. A description of the thieves, a white male and white female driving a white Ford Explorer Sport Track Pickup, lead to the suspects being identified.

            South Brunswick Detective Brady Shelcusky realized the vehicle from a previous case. Upon arriving at the suspects’ home, Detective Shelcusky noticed several of the reported stolen items on the front lawn. The investigation uncovered that the two would drive around different neighborhoods and steal lighting, flowers, and other landscaping to spruce up their own front lawns. The stolen items were collected and returned to the homeowners, according to the press release.