SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - With more and more residents buying merchandise online this holiday season and all year long, the South Brunswick Police Department is reminding resident's to use the department's Safe Zone Exchange program in order to avoid possibly becoming a crime victim. The warning was prompted by a recent event where a township resident arranged to meet an unknown victim online in order to sell an iPhone. The online sale was arranged via the app Letgo.

The stolen smartphone was recovered after the theft was reported by the victim and South Brunswick Police Department Detective Brady Shelcusky conducted an investigation. The department is reminding residents to use the Safety Exchange Zone located at 540 Ridge Road in Monmouth Junction whenever buying or selling items through an online site or app such as Facebook's Marketplace or Letgo. The department also offered up additional safety tips including:

  • Meeting in a busy, public place during the daytime hours if not using the township's Safety Exchange Zone.
  • Bringing a friend to the meeting especially if the item has a high monetary value.
  • Accepting only cash for items.
  • Do not attend an exchange where the buyer or seller insists on meeting alone, changes the meeting spot suddenly or refuses to meet in a public space or the Safety Exchange Zone.