SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – The community is getting ready for its children to return to school on Thursday.

Each of the district’s 11 schools have posted information for their respective buildings on the district’s website,, letting parents know what to expect and be ready for as students return to classes on Sept. 3.

The individual welcome letters, written by each building’s principal, cover a variety of areas including how much lunches are, when students should be at the schools, calendar of the school year, and special events taking place in the first few days of classes.

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In addition, South Brunswick Police officers will be on hand at all of the schools during the first several weeks of the year to remind drivers to be extra careful as the district’s almost 10,000 students start traveling to and from the schools.

The annual deployment, known as Operation Safe Schools, will create enhanced traffic safety and police presence at the schools, police said in a press release.

"The start of each school year creates a lot of adjustments for students, parents, teachers, and the motoring public, Chief of Police Raymond Hayducka said in the release. “Our goal is to make sure it is a safe transition.”

According to police, the plan will place officers at every school in the district at the start and end of the school day.

In addition, enhanced zones will be established around the schools for traffic enforcement.

At any one time, more the a dozen officers will be dedicated to the operation, police said.

Private schools in the township start back Monday and Tuesday with everything getting into full swing with public schools opening Thursday morning.

Police remind motorists to add additional time for morning commutes.

"The added buses, pedestrians, and parents dropping off children requires that all drivers slow down and use caution,” said Chief Hayducka. "This year is unique in that schools are going back in session before Labor Day and drivers need to be aware of the earlier start."

Chief Hayducka said officers will especially be targeting violations in the school zones.