SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - This notice has been given to all residents of South Brunswick Township to inform you of the delay in the mailing of the tax bills which would include the 3rd and 4th quarter payments for 2018 and the 1st and 2nd quarter payments for 2019.

In the State of New Jersey all of the tax rates (local, school, county, fire, library) are determined and certified by the counties only after the State of New Jersey, Dept. of Community Affairs has determined the amount of state aid to be sent to each municipality and school district.

The Dept. of Community Affairs is waiting on the State Department of Education to determine the final adjusted school aid numbers.

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As soon as the township receives the certified rates the tax collector will proceed with our billing process. The 3rd quarter is still technically due August 1, 2018 but the grace period will be extended to 25 days from the date the bills are mailed by the tax office. Please note that the mailing date is key date, not the date that you receive your bill.

If you have any questions please call the South Brunswick tax collector’s office at 732-329-4000 extension 7854