SOUTH RIVER, NJ - Following recent local reports of a disturbing new national trend, the South River Police Department is on the lookout for clowns and is ready to find, apprehend, and charge them.  Not so funny now, is it?

The SRPD is aware of the rumors and social media postings referencing clowns in South River. The department has launched an investigation the circumstances surrounding this situation. At this time, the SRPD does not believe this is anything more than a prank and do not believe there is any threat to the South River Community. There have been no confirmed clown sightings within South River. 


In a recent report, the police have warned  all teens and young adults to not get involved in this fad of dressing as clowns to cause fear and panic. The risk exists that someone may perceive these actions to be a threat and take justice into their own hands. What starts out as a joke, may turn seriously wrong.

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Creating a false public alarm, intentional harassment and disturbing the peace can lead to criminal charges. Individuals caught engaging in these violations are subject to such charges and arrest under New Jersey state laws. Due to terrorist events in New Jersey and New York in September, threats of any type are taken seriously by local law enforcement.


As always, residents are encouraged to report suspicious activity to our department by dialing 732-238-1000 for non-emergencies or 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.