EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ -  East Brunswick Superintendent Dr. Victor Valeski released a schedule yesterday outlining staggered release of the Restart and Recovery Plan for the  East Brunswick Public Schools.  Starting Wednesday, parents and guardians will be able to review a 98-page document that outlines a plan for educational cohorts to return to "in-school" instruction, as well as guidelines for students who will proceed with online instruction.  The plan anticipates a possible necessity to make a change in the choice of instructional format as the school year unfolds.

Here is the full text of the schedule:

Good Afternoon East Brunswick Community,

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This is Victor Valeski, Superintendent of Schools.

Allow me to share recent and upcoming events over this next week which undoubtedly will be the beginning of the most important month in East Brunswick Public Schools’ history.  Last Friday, I concurrently delivered our district Restart and Recovery Plan to Reopen Schools to our Board of Education and the Middlesex Executive County Superintendent.   While the Board is reviewing final modifications to our plan the Executive County Superintendent will review and forward our document to the Department of Education for final approval.

I assure each of you we have taken extensive care to develop a safe and reliable plan to reopen all our schools in a structured manner.  It’s formulation has involved representatives from every stakeholder group in schools and the community, including important and critical input from parents who were members of each of our school’s Pandemic Response Teams.

I anticipate the coming week to look like this:


The Board of Education has a previously scheduled Retreat to discuss a number of items that fall under Closed Session guidelines.  The board will not be taking action on our Restart and Recovery Plan Monday evening. 


I am hoping to finalize a parent/guardian friendly guide to our reopening plan.  If you are like me, I like to try to assemble things first...then refer to the instructions.   Using this approach you can have a quick guide to easily access from your phone without going through the entire 98-page document, which of course, you will have access to.


Release our Restart and Recovery Plan to Reopen Schools to parents, guardians and the community.  This will also open the opportunity for families to select whether they will have their children attend one of our "in school" cohorts or if they will select to have their children participate 100% in distance learning.  Parameters for making changes, during the school year, to these important decisions will also be outlined.


The Board of Education will take action to formally approve our Restart and Recovery Plan to Reopen Schools.


We will begin assembling a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for our website.

Our reopening plan allows parent/guardian choice, is scalable to allow more students in each school session, if and when state mandated conditions permit, and can be converted to a 100% Distance Learning Plan in a single day.

Our plan is only as good as its implementation.   It will be imperative that everyone understands and follows the procedures we have incorporated into our thoughtful recovery...but we are EB!, we can do this...with Excellence.