SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The SBPL YouTube Channel may be one of the best things to come out of the South Brunswick Public Library in 2020. Shortly after the Library closed in March for COVID-19 safety, a YouTube channel was established to showcase our programs virtually.
The challenging new territory became our fruitful garden!
Given its versatility and popularity, the SBPL YouTube Channel has since had thousands of views and is here to stay regardless of when we reopen.
Programs are offered for all ages, from infants to adults.
Users enjoy cooking with Dee's Kitchen Lab, Bouncing Babies, Stay@Home Science, Tween Cooking with Cindy, Short Stories for Teens, Upcycle Crafts with Lee, and Night Owl bedtime stories for families, and more.
Also, Stories in Spanish, Travel Tuesdays, ASL (American Sign Language) Stories & Signs, Library Resources and Tutorials, Teen Book Reviews, and so much more. There are too many to list them all here. Visit our YouTube Channel.
A great way to jump into the SBPL virtual world is to visit our YouTube Channel and click on the Playlists tab. You can find all of the videos posted there, grouped by title. You never have to miss a program. It's there when you want it.
Subscribe (subscriptions are free) to the Library's YouTube Channel to be notified whenever a new video is uploaded. 

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