SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The Monmouth Junction First Aid Squad held their first car show at Woodlot Park in an effort to raise money for repairs, equipment and to support the first aid operations in South Brunswick

Timothy Bogus is the chairperson of fundraising for the Monmouth Junction First Aid Squad as well as an EMT. Bogus helped to organize the event in South Brunswick and is planning on holding more fundraising events in the future.

“We noticed that there wasn't a lot of in town activities for the residents of South Brunswick and we were looking at various fundraising activities as well” Bogus said  “so we decided to make this our first approach at integrating ourselves into the community and providing more activities.”

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Bogus and the other members of the first aid squad did online advertising for the show as well as reaching out to South Brunswick residents who may be interested in displaying their vehicle. All of the money from submissions, as well as from spectators, will go to support the first aid squad.

According to Bogus, the long term goal of these fundraisers is to renovate or replace the current building they have in South Brunswick. The first aid squad had been located at their current building on New Road since the 1970s. Bogus would like to see a brand new building or even a new location for operation. As of now, most of the money from the car show is going to support the first aid squad.

One of the attendees was Bob Noskowicz, a computer assistance engineer who brought his 1987 Ferrari to the car show. He attends car shows about twice a week and is happy to see that South Brunswick is finally partaking in car shows for the public.

“It’s just a nice thing to do for the community, bring out the family and enjoy a really nice event for all to see” Nockowicz said.

Another attendee was Antonio Crossen, a local electrician from South Brunswick who has done multiple car shows in the area. Crossen was happy to finally see a car show in his area and hopes to see more by the first aid squad in the upcoming years.

“I was so excited for this, I called as many friends as I could that lived in the area to come on down and check it out” Crossen said “It’s for a good cause. These are the people who are gonna save us, it’s the least I can do. Also you get a chance to learn about the town and meet the people.”

Based off of their first display, Bogus said that he would like to make the car show a yearly event for the community. The first aid squad is also planning another event in November that is still in development.

“The view is amazing and there's a lot of different and really interesting cars here” Bogus said “We want to make it a better event for the community by providing a variety of vehicles and things to do.”