SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ -  The MyInstaDoc facility in Monroe Township has been providing antibody testing for first responders and healthcare workers in Middlesex County since last month. Residents do not have to be symptomatic to take the test, all patients must be free from all COVID-19 symptoms for no less than 14 days. All appointments will be done in office and by appointment only. Call for 609-207-3220 or click here to make an appointment.

Currently, the facility is doing IgG antibody testing, which determines if someone has already had the virus in the past. The facility is currently working on getting an IgM antibody test. This test determines if a patient has an IgM antibody, which is the antibody that is created when a virus initially attacks.

 Antibody testing is done to determine if a person has had the Coronavirus in the past. Those who do not have any antibodies have not been exposed to the virus. In most cases, the presence of antibodies means that one’s body has developed an immune response to a virus. As of now, the CDC and WHO do not have any evidence that suggests that people with antibodies are immune to COVID-19.

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The IgG test used by the facility is provided by Quest Laboratories, from their lab located in Teterboro, New Jersey. The test is classified as EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) which allows the FDA to help strengthen the nation’s public health protections during public health emergencies. As of today, there are no FDA approved tests for antibodies

Quest Lab currently uses two platforms for their antibody tests. EUROIMMUN AG which has an analytic specificity of 98.5-99%, and Abbot which has a specificity of 99.4%. Both of these tests are classified as EUA by the FDA.

The IgG test is a blood draw that is taken in office, put into a tube and sent to a lab for analysis. According to one employee, the MyInstaDoc facility can do up to 30 tests per day for healthcare workers and first responders. Appointments are being done through insurance and copays are accepted, according to a member of the staff.