SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - In a weekly update, the South Brunswick Office of Emergency Management has confirmed that there are 414 positive cases of COVID-19 in the community. 28 residents have died due to the virus, 15 of which were staying in long term care facilities.

            In the past week, the township was able to confirm 14 new cases, the lowest number of reported cases in a one-week period since the virus was first reported in the township on March 15th, 2020. The South Brunswick Police Twitter page released a graph of the positive cases reported in the township weekly. There has been an 84% drop in cases since April 11th, 2020, according to the tweet.

            The police department says that their numbers may be different from other databases, as the township is working to confirm the names and addresses assigned to the township by the New Jersey Department of Health. According to the Middlesex County database, there are 459 cases of COVID-19 in South Brunswick.

            The report from the OEM claims that the drop in COVID-19 cases is due to social distancing measures and residents wearing PPE in public spaces.