SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The South Brunswick Township Council has approved an amendment to the township code to address abandoned and vacant property in the area. According to the ordinance, the township has experienced a significant problem with owners failing to maintain their property or abandoning it all together. This problem creates more work for township inspectors and poses a serious health and safety risk to the citizens of South Brunswick, according to the amendment.

            “Vacant Abandoned Property” will now be defined in the township code as property that has not been regularly or continuously occupied for 90 days. The property must also have at least two out of the 20 conditions outlined in the ordinance. These include the accumulation of solid junk (i.e mail, newspapers, flyers, etc), unhinged doors on the property, unabated water damage or a vermin infestation. To see the full list of conditions, click here.

            In the case of an abandoned structure, as defined by the code, the township may now take any precautions deemed necessary to protect the wellbeing of the residents. This includes the removal of items, securing the area or the complete demolition of the structure according to the ordinance.

            The initial registration fee will be $1,000 upon inspection. If the property is not abated within six months, the annual fee will be $2,000. After one complete year, the fee will be raised to $3,000 every year thereafter. These amendments will be finalized in the township code on August 17th, 2020.